About Simplistic Staging By LJR

16 Years

Simplistic Staging By LJR
offers affordable staging services
for homeowners since 2007.

The objective is twofold: to distinguish your home among all others a potential buyer is considering, and to create a lasting impression that will cause your home to sell faster.

The husband and wife team collaborated on a new venture to help homeowners sell their empty homes at a much quicker pace rather than leaving them unfurnished. Simplistic Staging By LJR was established in 2007 and offers an affordable staging fee for homeowners trying to sell their homes in this ever-changing market. Adding just a few simple pieces of furniture from our inventory can create a dramatic visual. This is essential when selling a home.


Over 20+ years of sales experience ranging from publishing to corporate event sales and thrives in providing the best service for her clients.

Lilly Rahbar is a graduate of San Jose State University and has a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Creative Writing. She has received certified training in Real Estate Staging through Staging Designs by Karen Kelly and earned the designation of SDS, Staging Design Specialist. Lilly Rahbar has lived in the Santa Clara County all her life and is currently residing in the Santa Clara Valley with her family.


With the suggestion of a relative who works in real estate, she was encouraged to put her creative ideas to work!

Even at an early age, Lilly loved to rearrange her parent's home. She'd find different ways to make their living room more spacious and cozy. She'd move the couch from one side of the living room to the other and align the coffee table so that it was in the perfect spot. With all this creativity stemming from her childhood, she has now launched a career in helping others stage their homes whether it is vacant or fully furnished.